Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Gaganomy mein Traum...

Gestern habe ich wieder noch dem Ganomy-Hat gesucht bei Google und habe diesen Eintrag gefunden. War ich happy, das zu sehen und auch die Details sind zu sehen... yummie. Habe jetzt auf der Webseite, wo das herkommt nach den Anfangsmaschen gefragt, aber klar, es muß duruch 8 teilbar sein, weil es um 4 Anteile innerhalb der Mütze geht.. (vorne + hinten und die beiden Teile hinten, geteilt durch die Ohren)

Werde mein Kind heute früh vermessen und mit der braunen Wolle beginnen.

Und morgen ist der Urlaub dann vorbei... schluuchzzzzzzzzzzz

Ganymede? Monogamy? Ganogymy? Ganomy.
The Vital Statistics
Pattern: Ganomy Hat (June) by Elizabeth Zimmerman from The Knitter's Almanac.
Size: child size
Yarn: Rowan Lima (84 per cent baby alpaca, 8 per cent merino wool and 8 per cent nylon) in colourway Lima.
Needles: 5mm.
Stash/recycle content: I'm counting this as stash in the sense that I didn't purchase this yarn for the purpose of making this hat; I just bought it earlier this year for no particular purpose other than curiosity. Oh well, it's gone from the cupboard now!  

Start to finish: 27 to 30 November 2010.

Comments: I think that it is worthwhile doing paired increases on the front and back - the first increase is M1L, the last is M1R (this is the back of the hat); the front increases in the centre of the round are are M1L k2 M1R. My gauge was a bit less than called for on this hat so I knit a bit less in length as well.

The dip that creates the earflaps on this hat is a wonderful effect of the double increases and decreases. If I were to knit it again, which I'd certainly like to, I would make the point a bit less pointy; not completely rounded but just a bit smaller.
I was very pleased with the fabric that the Lima creates, it's very smooth and even. It took less than a ball (I'd estimate about 90 metres) so if you're looking to use up some single skeins, this is a great choice.

* And thank you to our neighbour for modelling as one of my children won't sit still and the other refused to even put the hat on ...

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