Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Hat-heel sock oder: Hut-Fersen-Socken

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beauty shot

Hab mir dieser Tage mal Fersen im Internt angeschaut und diese hier will ich probieren....
Die ganze Anleitung gibts unter:
Man muß ein Käppchen stricken und dann macht man Ohrflappen dran und dann strickt man erst mal die Spitze und danach dann den Sockenhals und das obere Bündchen... irre!
1 across

designernamespacer Kathleen learned to knit when she was about seven or eight years old, then became utterly obsessed with it about ten years ago. She will knit anything which strikes her fancy, no matter how simple or complex (although her tastes tend to favor the complex), and she is very bad at the delayed gratification thing. This, naturally, has led to an extremely large list of works-in-progress, which take up a lot of the living space she shares with her wonderful husband and two fantabulous daughters.
She blogs to keep track of it all here.

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